Potty training turns into playing


Hi! I have 2 new questions:

Bath time is rough because our daughter wants to sit and play on the toilet instead of taking a bath. Bath time is part of our bedtime routine so I’m not sure how much of this is toddler resistance to bedtime. She does this some other times too, where she goes into the bathroom, and wants to sit on the big toilet, which we have to help her get on and off. She wants to sit on it. Then get off. Then get back on. Repeat. But she doesn’t go potty, it’s just on and off over and over. How can we teach her that the toilet isn’t for playing? I don’t want to discourage her enthusiasm for sitting on the toilet but we can’t play this on and off game forever...

Second question is another daycare-related question. Our daughter hasn’t gone poop in the toilet at daycare yet (2 weeks). Every time she’s pooped at daycare, it’s been an accident. The daycare management has asked us to start putting our daughter in underwear (under her shorts), to help contain the poop so they have less to clean up and sanitize. While I can empathize with their request, I feel as though it’s too soon to put her in underwear if she isn’t successful going poop on their toilet. I’m not sure why she hasn’t pooped on their toddler-size toilet yet. She’s going poop on our small potty at home without any issues (no poop accidents at home in over 2 weeks). They won’t let us bring our small potty from home. And she’s started proactively going pee in the daycare toilet. So she’s making great progress going to the toilet by herself! I just don’t understand why she continues to poop in her shorts at daycare. Any thoughts to help? The teacher responds to accidents by saying “you had an accident let’s get you cleaned up, remember to tell me when you need to go poop so you can go poop in the potty.” I asked her to just change that up a little by saying “You had an accident. Let’s get you cleaned up. I know you’ll do better next time. Remember poop goes in the potty.” She said that might be hard to remember while she has 17 kids but she will try. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I really don’t want to put my daughter in underwear at daycare until she’s successful going poop in their toilet. Thank you!

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