Confidence during potty training


We are potty training our 25-month old. I took a week off work to keep our daughter home from daycare to really get a good start. We read Toilet Training without Tantrums and are following Naked and $75. On Day 5, the training really clicked and she had no accidents. Same for Day 6. Since we are sending her back to daycare in 2 days and since it’s cold outside, I wanted to try pants (instead of shorts) Without underwear, but she had two pee accidents in her pants. I switched to loose shorts (no underwear) and then she had a poop accident. She is much more able to take her shorts on and off. But she froze when she had to go poop. My husband freaked out because she had 3 accidents. I reminded him about the things in the book. Accidents are normal. Remain calm. She’s learning. Clothing is new. She will learn.

Well now she’s back to half naked and had a poop success (I had to remind her to go to the potty, she froze, so I picked her up and put her on the potty), but then 2 pee accidents. I don’t understand why she “regressed” now that she’s back to being naked. My question is: did we start clothing too soon? She has to go back to daycare (I have to return to work), and she can’t run around naked there. I can put her in shorts for daycare (and they can use pants for outside playtime), but I’m concerned she won’t be prepared if we don’t get lots of practice at home. The book didn’t describe how long after your kid “gets it” and goes and sits and pees/poops by themselves before trying shorts (without underwear). Is there a rule of thumb for how long you continue naked and have 100% successful days before moving into shorts without underwear? And then the same for how long to be in shorts before moving up to pants? Any idea why my daughter seemed to regress?

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