Need some legal advice.


My sons Dad is currently living in a caravan park on a farm after breaking up with his girlfriend.
This is frustrating and unstable however I thought the fun of being on a farm would be distractive and exciting however my son is being left to his own devices with older kids while his Dad chills in the caravan with his baby.
I have no idea what he is up to with these kids and I know and accept I have to stand back but I am even more worried from a safe guarding perspective that my son that my son takes a shower in an outside public shower facility. son said that he was locked in it and cried because he was scared and could not get out. This makes me very uncomfortable that he is not supervised in an outdoor public shower facility.

If I try and discuss this with his Dad I will experience verbal abusive and a lot of drama. But I don’t think this can be ignored?

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