Night Time Dryness Takes Patience


I understand that there isn’t really nighttime potty training, and that’s fine. She often wakes up soaked, and happily helps me strip the bed and put the linens in the washer. We’re still working on her ability to put a dry towel down and go back to sleep on her own without waking me up.

But my daughter will be two in three months, and has been daytime potty trained for about 5 months, with the occasional accident, usually due to getting absorbed in her playtime. My question is about when she’s in bed, but not sleeping yet. She still takes two to three naps a day, and when I can see she’s getting tired we do her nap routine, which includes sitting on the potty, and I put her in bed, naked, with a light blanket on her. She has no problem getting up to stand on the bed if she objects to sleeping, and her potty is in the room with her. She has sometimes gotten up to use it, but often she will lay there and chatter to herself for a while without falling asleep.

When I go to check on her and tell her to go to sleep, sometimes the bed is wet! I know she wasn’t sleeping, so how do I deal with this? I make her sit on the potty before bed, and many times she’ll go, and then still wet the bed while awake. What are your suggestions?

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