Potty Training day 3


My son is 18 months old and for the past 3 days I have been trying to potty train him. It has been a big fail so far. He doesn’t seem to know when he needs to go. He has a surprised look on his face when he has an accident and he also does not tell me when he needs to go. I keep cleaning accidents and Unless I watch him every second of the day I Cannot avoid the accidents. I try to put him in the potty for a good 20 minutes and this is with him watching something on the phone which I know I am not supposed to do but unless I distract him, he will sit for 2 seconds and he is up running and if I try putting him back he cries. I don’t want him to hate the potty. Even after 20 -30 minutes on the potty, he Will not produce anything and ends up peeing on the floor. I cannot imagine doing this for 4-6 weeks. I have enough on my plate to add 15 accidents to clean. Everyone keeps telling me that he is too young but my two brothers and myself were all potty trained by 10 months, so I know he isn’t too young. I just need reassurance that after a while he will tell me he needs to go otherwise this is pointless. Also, he is unable yet to get on the potty by himself or even the toilet (i purchased one with a built in steps). He is unable to climb by himself. Thanks.

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