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I have a 29 month old son, and I essentially had him potty trained about 4 months ago, as long as he was naked below the waist. He would take himself to his potty chair and notify me when he was done. I only helped wipe him if needed. We have even successfully transitioned him to using the big potty with a potty seat and a stool.

Unfortunately, I am having a significant amount of difficulty transitioning him into clothing. He is absolutely fine if he is naked below the waist, but when he has pants and underwear on, going potty suddenly becomes a battle. He will only sit on the potty if bribed (when he is wearing clothes), and the bribes only work occasionally. He will sometimes tell me when he needs to go, and he will go without any difficulty those times, but too frequently, he goes in his pants.

I have tried a potty bell. He just screams when it goes off and says, "no need go potty!" When I set the bell, I tell him he needs to go potty when the bell goes off, and he says, "Okay! Go potty!", but when we get to the potty, he crumples to the floor and refuses to sit.

I have not gated him in the bathroom, but I do not think that going well as he tends to get overly upset and scream at the tops of his lungs for 2+ hours at times...

Other than continuing to leave him naked, I am at a loss for how to keep him dry/clean in clothes. Sometimes he tells us when he needs to go, but it is very hit and miss. I don't want to keep him naked at home forever, but I am at a loss for what else to try. Part of the problem may be that he struggles with his pants and underwear, but I am also at a loss for how to solve that problem.

Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you so much!

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