Toilet Training While Out on the Town


Hi There! Last October we started potty training my then 19 month old son using the "naked and 75" method you lay out in your book. By the end of November he was doing so well, we started putting underwear on him, and we would then take him into the bathroom every hour or so and then he would use the potty. And he was not wetting his underwear (except for poop). Then we tried to have him use the potty in a public restroom and he freaked out and the next day at home when I took him into our bathroom to use the potty he freaked out again. We are now using the "barrier and bell" method, and I also take him in the bathroom after every meal and then I leave him be, but he gets mad when I take him into the bathroom and just pees on the floor and refuses to use the potty. Should I put the potty back in the living room or continue trying to use the gate/bathroom setup?

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