First Born Still Wants Center Stage


Our 27 month old daughter seems to have had a tough time with the transition of adding our baby to our family 6 months ago. She seems to love being the center of attention, and hates when any attention is drawn to the baby. The moment we look at him, she tries to draw attention to herself by talking loudly or misbehaving. She also sometimes tries to act like a baby. I find the attention seeking mostly happens when it comes to the baby, but also if I am having a conversation with another adult she also tries to draw the attention back to herself. I'm not sure what to do at this point because during the day we do try to focus on playtime together and I involve her in my daily tasks and helping the baby but it seems like the attention I give her never seems to be good enough, she always craves more. How do I help her understand her place in the family now that she has a sibling? How can I stop this attention seeking behavior?

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