Toddler Toilet Training


Good Morning- since I left my last question, I have since partitioned off a potty within an area in the main part of the house where we spend most of our time instead of the bathroom. There has been a potty here since day 1. Today is day four. When the bell rings and he is gated into this potty section, he just gladly pees within the area or by the gate, NOT in the potty. In fact, he seems to have no interest in the potty except to pick it up and throw it back over the gate. What do I do? And when do I release him (if at all) after he's peed on the floor and is standing at the gate, where he threw the potty over, smiling at me like he doesn't have a care in the world?! Do I leave him with or without underwear- he doesn't care AT ALL if he poops/pees his pants...

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