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Put Preschooler's Sleep Problem to Rest



Our daughter just turned four. There are periods when she wakes up several times during the night crying. We go to her room, give her a sip of water, tuck her in, and she goes back to sleep. Sometimes it just wears us down getting up several times a night (especially with a younger child in the house), and I am wondering when a child can be taught to take a sip of water and go back to sleep herself?

Thank you for your help and guidance.


Hello! Thank you for coming to Parentguru.com for answers.

As a parent of young children, I know you are tired and crave a good nights sleep. Your daughter is so very close to making that a reality. She is just having a small bump in the road. Her brain is growing and developing and sometimes it causes her sleep patterns to be interrupted. This is common for children her age. Fortunately, she seems to just need reassurance that everything is okay. It is wonderful that she goes right back to sleep. Sometimes parents struggle with children crying or staying awake for hours. Count your blessings.

She is definitely able to be taught to take a sip of water by leaving a small cup of water beside her bed. Don't force it, just use it when you go in to comfort her. She may begin to do this for herself. The real need here is for her to know the world is okay, and she gets that from you and your husband. For now, this only requires a small amount of your time. This is just a season that may last a few months, and it will pass. Don't make a big deal out of it or it will become a problem that will cost you more than a few minutes a night.

One day you will be wondering when is a good time to wake a teenager up. Life goes fast. Enjoy the season you are in.

Jada Waldrop
Certified Parent Leadership Coach

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