Potty Training Patience


Hello. I am potty training my son. He will be 2 years old on May 12th. We have been at it for 4 weeks as of this writing. I am following Rosemond's N75 method; however, admittedly, I put a pull-up on him when he sleeps. I fear we have hit a wall. My son understands what is expected and he is quite good at holding it. Unfortunately, he seems rather apathetic about and unmotivated to stay clean and put pee pee and poop in the potty. He seems to prefer the ring on the big potty so I've been trying to sit him on it when I can. Sometimes he goes and sometimes not. I always put him on the potty before we leave the house with no success. When we get home he is all wet. He still has not successfully on his own put a poop in either little potty or big potty. I feel the need to add that he frequently poops in his sleep pull-up and he only speaks a couple of words so he can't tell me when he needs to go. Am I doing something wrong? Is what I'm experiencing normal? What can I do to move this process along? Many thanks.

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