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Regression on Toilet Training


My son is 2 1/2 years old. As John's book suggested we potty trained him before 2 and while we hit some bumps in the road it was successful. He really had accidents until the last two weeks. Some background, he is in day care, but never has a bowl movement while he's there. Only at home in the mornings and after day care in the evenings. Well, about a week ago, he has started to have small bowl movement accidents at day care. Where he will go in his pants just a little bit, won't say anything to anyone, and then we notice at pickup or later in the day. At that point, his bottom is red and needs pinax. Anyhow, told him to tell his teachers when he has to go potty and that he knows how to use it on his own (he can pull down his pants, use the potty, and pull his own pants up at this point). So, we really didn't think much of it. Well during this week he has started to have the same kind of accidents at home where he would normally go to the potty on his own without us having to tell him. I know in John's books you're not supposed to punish for having accidents during training, but does that change with regression? The best I could come up with is that he has to sit on the potty until he has a bowl movement whenever he has that type of accident. However, that doesn't seem all that feasible and we're hoping to get any guidance on how to handle the situation. Thanks!

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