2 year old confused about bathroom routine when visiting family


We potty trained our daughter 3 weeks ago (using your methods) right after she turned two. She caught on immediately, within 30minutes of us all going through her room getting rid of all signs of diapering , she went to the toilet and stooled and voided. She had no accidents the first week, except once at night, and seemed to just love and embrace continence.
Since then she’s started having a wet bed each night, because she’s sleeping deeply, but there is still always pee in her potty each morning so we know she’s getting up a time or two. That’s fine with us.
Our problem is that whenever she’s with aunties or grandma for example, and we are away, she has accidents the entire time. Grandma even put a diaper on her one day which was NOT ok.
Now she’ll also have an accident in the first hour or so that we’re back with her, and we must get her back in the routine of continence again, which is easy to do, but frustrating that it’s happening. How can we help her be successful when we’re away?
Family members know our routine and we ask them to follow it, but it’s as if our hyper-aware little girl loses awareness of her voiding/stooling urges when with others.

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