When to Start Potty Training?


I’m wondering about the best time to start potty training. Today my 18 month old daughter told me in the car “poo poo! Poo poo!” and started whining. I told her we were almost home and she was satisfied by that. She then pooped after she was in the house so she was able to hold it on her own. I wanted to wait till April when it’s a bit warmer here to do the N75 method (she would be 20 months then). She sometimes misses a little chair we have for her when trying to sit on it, so I don’t know if she’s quite coordinated yet to sit on a potty. Would it be terrible to just put out a potty without doing N75 method? And see what she does? Also, would it be terrible to keep making her poop in diaper for another few months while she is telling me things like “poo poo!” I don’t want to miss an opportunity if it’s going to set her back by not taking advantage. Thank you!

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