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Thank you so much for your very enlightening answer in my last question re: blind spots! lol. It had not occured to me that the sloppily/half-way completed chores counted as disobedience, and I think you're absolutely right there now that I think about it properly. We'll jump right onto tackling it.

I appreciate the direct and sensible advice that we'd hardly ever get from anyone else nowadays. People always ask me "How is it that you are able to make the kids do stuff or leave etc when you only say it once" - I tell them the best advice I've ever got was to ditch the "you're going to damage your kids psyche" nonsense that I initially bought into, that really paralyzed my ability to discipline them in a way that mattered. Sadly, many are skeptical over this straightforward discipline - preferring to stick to very soft methods that often Don't solve the problem.
Honestly after a stint of disciplining over an issue or two, we see the child turn over a new leaf and becomes so, so much happier - something that would never have been possible if we'd fallen for psychological parenting.
Great work Rosemond and team!! and Thank you again!!

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