N75 with 18 month old


We are on day 5 of N75 with our 18 month old son, and we're wondering if any of this is sinking in with him. He is a smart kid, but extremely opinionated and stubborn. He refuses to stay put on the little training potty, and usually cries on the big potty (with potty seat). We've tried giving him toys, books, and even his pacifer (which we had previously reserved only for nap time and bed time) to make him sit an pee. Then we hide behind the partially open door to listen and see if he goes. The few times he has peed in the potty, it's only a trickle, and then he wets his underwear anywhere from 5-30 minutes later. We've been using the potty timer, but there is no consistency in the intervals between when he pees. He did poop in the potty on days 1-3, but he hasn't pooped since the day before yesterday. We've been pumping him full of liquids, but he will no longer drink water, only milk.

I'm tired (an 6 months pregnant), and I'm feeling anxious about how I'm going to handle this when my husband goes back to work next week. We are both committed to sticking with it, as the only thing I can imagine being worse than this is having to start from scratch when our son is older and even more opinionated. Is there anything we need to be doing differently, or do I need to just suck it up and keep going?

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