5 year old : ADD or normal?


My son can't seem to focus. He doesn't really pay attention in classes (like swimming) and can't stop moving around when I am teaching him to read or write. He looks everywhere, makes noise, kicks his feet, and simply moves all the time. That said, he can sit and watch a movie sometimes or build Legos while following the instructions. Occupational therapists have said he has (mild i believe) sensory processing issues, but I still wonder if that is just a way of defining his personality. Is this ADHD or him being bored and not liking the activity?

A:        I can't make a
diagnosis here, but I can tell you that some degree of inattentiveness
and "hyperactivity" is characteristic of young boys. That tendency is aggravated
when adults force them to participate in activities they're not interested in.
For instance, it may well be that your son is simply not developmentally ready for
academics. That readiness emerges in girls before it does in boys, who tend to
be more inclined toward activities involving motor skills; thus, your son's
interest in LEGO sets.
According to good
research, other factors that may be contributing to excess activity and
problems with attention span include watching television, playing video games,
and improper diet. Your son sounds like a typical 5-year-old boy to me, but a
consultation with a child psychologist might be helpful.

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