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Pull-Ups or No Pull-Ups for Naptime Potty Training?



We are starting toilet training using your method from your book. Our son is 31.5 months old and this is our first attempt at toilet training him. For night sleeps, he is in a pull-up nappy. During the day, he is in just cotton underpants and shorts (it is Spring in Australia). My question relates to day sleeps, which he is still having. Should I put him in a pull-ups for the sleep or not? How should I handle accidents if not?


Thanks so much for your question.

I would suggest you leave him in underpants during his day time naps. If he has an accident, just calmly clean it up and have him assist in the process just like at night when you decide to begin that as well. Although you might be very surprised, he might not have any issues at all. Diapers seem to trick their brains into giving them permission to wet, thin underwear make them more aware. Hope this helps!

Traci Turner
Certified Parenting Coach

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