Potty Mastery Before the New Baby Arrives


I started toilet training my 24 month old at 18 months and he is still having 1-2 accidents a day, almost always at home. I take the potty all over with us and can generally trust him to not have an accident when we're out, unless I forget to take him. I have seen minimal progress in the last 2-3 months and am wondering if there's a way to up the ante for him successfully. We're having a baby in 6 weeks and I'm noticing more stubborn behaviors as he turns 2 -- I don't want to miss an opportunity to finish this if it's possible. The biggest change I've noticed in the last week or two is that he'll start to have an accident and stop himself, but it hasn't reduced the number of full-on accidents (so maybe this is actually regression). He's also "hiding to go #2" at times which we never had before.

1. We use the potty bell, but he often resists it and REALLY resists if he's tired. If he has an accident, he resists sitting on the toilet to finish the job. We review what he should do, etc. and he knows.
2. I tried to gate him off earlier in the process, but he consistently threw the potty over the gate and peed on the ground. When he was 20 months I even tried leaving him in the bathroom gated off for 2 and a half hours until he produced but had no success, so backed off to take some intensity off.
3. I went without nap-time diapers for a month or two but couldn't keep up with it, so started cloth diapering him at naps again...should I return him to underwear at nap-time?

Any help you can give would be great.

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