When to Start the Ticket Method


Hello. Our daughter is turning three this week. She is starting to show some resistance to my and my husband's authority. Usually this noncompliance involves refusing to pick up toys before bed, us having to ask her several times to do something, or just general diva behavior when something doesn't go her way. Overall, she is a mild-mannered and generally well-behaved little girl who doesn't give us much trouble.

Wanting to be prepared however, I have read most of Dr. Rosemond's The Well Behaved Child. I see the ticket method can be useful for kids as young as three. I also see suggested consequences include no TV, spending the day in the child's room, and early bedtime.

My daughter stays home with me and she doesn't get any screen time of any kind. We begin her bedtime routine at 7 pm so she can have about an hour to spend with daddy in the evening after he gets home from work. She does not have many toys, and none that she is attached to.

My question is, at what point do I know if I need to implement the ticket system, and what consequences can I try that will make an impression on her?

P.S. Shout-out to Laura for answering my last question on the night-time Pull-Up. Upon her recommendation, we ditched them completely and our daughter was completely dry at night within a couple of weeks. THANKS!!

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