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Psychological Testing is a Must for Dyslexia


The elementary teacher of our 3rd grade son believes that he may have dyslexia. We would like to see about having him tested. We don't want to get to wrapped up with physiologists and possibly trying to diagnose him with ADHD or something like that. Can you please offer some suggestions as to what to do?

Dyslexia is something that runs in the family so it does not come to us as a big surprise.

We are also considering doing this same testing with our oldest child as the school is not sure if there might be some type of learning barrier that they don't understand. Our oldest son and our 3rd grader do have some common traits so we think there might be some connection and maybe it is dyslexia.

Thank you.


Thanks for writing!

I am an elementary school teacher and I just completed a CE course of which we talked about Dyslexia quite a bit. When a teacher suspects dyslexia AND there's a family history, I think testing is the way to go. If your son's IQ is also in the higher than average range, he's really looking like the typical dyslexic student.

My suggestion is to find out who in your area is the "fixer" for school systems. This is the person a school district calls when they've gotten in trouble for not providing appropriate instruction and need to fix educational problems in their school. This person will know the best psychologists in town.

I suspect the psychologist will likely be professional and thorough in their testing. And, in order for your son to receive specialized education, he needs testing.

Another thing you can do is start a dialogue with the school about what teachers are trained in Orton Gillingham or other modalities for teaching children with Dyslexia. Your school caught it early enough that your son can get what he needs and succeed in school.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!


Susan Morley, CLPC, CARES

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