3 Year Old Tantruming


Please see my previous question. This here is background: I should add that he is ill with a cold. Monday and Tuesday of this week we tried to go back to a normal schedule since big sister had preschool. We dropped her off but not without such fights over him getting dressed that he went in the stroller to her school on Monday wearing only underwear and 3/4 of a coat (I covered him with a blanket). He has also been hitting, and no consequence seems to deter. He went peacefully into the bathroom this morning after breakfast with a couple of toys. After Grammy left (who was washing dishes in the kitchen), and after I myself gave him a snack and something to drink up there to help his throat, and used his bathroom to do my business, he went ballistic as I have described. We only have 2 bathrooms. Both are currently being used as potty prisons.

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