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Our 2 1/2 year old daughter (our second child. First one also trained easily using N75) began potty training about a month and a half ago using the N75 method. She will potty or have a bowel movement in the toilet if prompted by the potty bell (and gated for the bowel movement). I suspended use of the potty bell because I had difficulty staying ahead of it and she would have accidents anyway. She will not of her own accord go sit on the toilet, but rather will just let go no matter where she is, even if there is a little toilet 5 feet away. She is not upset by this in the least. My current strategy is to have her help with clean up and gate her until she successfully puts her potty in the toilet, which she generally does. The only problem is when she is out again she has another accident, goes back to the gated area and then she ends up in the gated area (her room stripped bare) most of the day. I know she can control it and that she knows what she is doing, but I am at a loss as to what will motivate her to pay attention to the fact that she needs to use the toilet and then go do it. However, if I need to stick with the potty bell until she gets it, I will. It was hard for me to manage her bodily functions over such an extended period of time with no improvement whatsoever.

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