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Our son is 25-months old now. We started potty training him using the Naked-and-$75 method a week after he turned 22-months old. The first week was tough but he started going on the potty #1 with no problems after we incorporated the potty bell. We have very little accidents during the day but he still won't go #2 in the potty. I can count in one hand the successful #2's we'd had and that's only when we get lucky. He does not have a specific time he goes #2, he shows no signs except he stands still for a moment and silently does his business. We would literally have to stare at him all the time to catch it. I tried paying attention to his vowel movements after eating but they are very unpredictable.
We tried using the gate in the main bathroom but it seems to have more of a punitive feel to me and he would just cry with no success. The main area where he plays all day is the living room but we can't really close that off.
We also tried with and without his underwear on and he seems to not care whether he has it on or not.
In public he does great. We've only had two accidents while we were out. I bought an attachable potty that fits on most toilet seats and we take it with us everywhere we go so he feels a little more comfortable doing his business in a different bathroom than he is used to.

How can I get my son to go #2 in the potty? What would you recommend doing?

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