The Twos, Doubled


I have boy/girl twins that will be two years old in 2 weeks.

We are experiencing an increase in several behavior issues that seem to be compounded by a very recent move (last week) and also minor illness, from which they are now recovered. I have read several of John's books, including Making the Terrible Two's Terrific, and we have implemented his approach thus far. Here are my specific questions:

1) How do I manage my son's clinginess? Specifically, he wants to be constantly carried (up and down stairs, into school, to the car, etc). He has always been a very challenging personality, but even more so recently. I have been complying when he asks properly (saying please and without whining), but it is becoming very difficult with him getting bigger and seems excessive at his age. I would prefer he walks most of the time like his sister.

2) Screaming/tantrums are occurring almost constantly by both. Is the tantrum place the proper action to take at their age? They are well fed and rested, and we have good routines in place. The tantrums are a result of not getting what they want right away, especially not having my husband's or my full attention.

3) Do we make a temporary exception to any of these issues due to the recent move and illness? And if so, what and for how long? With the move last week their normal routine was totally abandoned, but everything is back to normal this week.

Thank you!

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