Abandon Potty Training?


We started potty training on a Saturday three weeks ago using naked and $75. The first day was rough but we stuck to it and the next day our daughter only had one accident. Unfortunately, we had to send her back to daycare on Monday, so we sent her back wearing a pull-up (mistake). Three weeks later and we have taken huge steps backward. We leave her naked in the evenings. She often refuses to go sit on the potty when we tell her and when she does, she cries the whole time and keeps trying to stand back up. We find ourselves continuously telling her to sit down while she is on the potty. We tried putting her in underwear but she constantly had accidents. My wife is 33 weeks pregnant and I don't like seeing her go through this stress. We are considering stopping altogether and resuming in a couple of months. I do believe in the N75 method but I feel like we have made too many mistakes to keep this up.

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