Launching that 18 year old.


Our oldest daughter just turned 18 and is soon graduating high school. She's a motivated straight A student, a good kid, & has dreams of college & a career. She is also lovesick & is becoming distracted to her dreams over a boy. He is a nice kid but he is HIGHLY immature for 19, unmotivated, & lacks leadership. She invests more & leads most things in their relationship. He lives at home, is in college, part time job, has no car, no licence, & no set life goals (that we know of) other than what his parents have planned out for him. His mother disagrees with our daughters church beliefs and she has been vocal to our daughter about it. His mother hovers over him/them & it drives our daughter crazy. Our daughter has asked our opinion & we are honest about our disapproval. We feel he is too immature & he & his family are not a good match for her. She is quite upset we disapprove but still says she wants to marry him.I think she's trying to fix him. We just don't get it. Despite our disapproval, we just gave her permission to date him in public places figuring she's 18 now. Did we do the wrong thing? Can we even say no to this at age 18? I'm pretty sure that would just push her away. How would you respond if in our situation?

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