Boy 21 months -problem with toilet training after 4 days


Ok... day 4 of N/75 potty training with our 21month old. So far I've managed to get almost all the poops on the potty because, let's be frank, those are obvious. But pee... he's obviously holding it and a few drops come out, we catch it, we take him to the potty, tell him to sit and try, he screams and cries like we are torturing him, nothing comes out, he gets up, we clean up and a few minutes later the scene repeats. We've gotten a few good pees on the potty but that involves holding his shoulders down on the potty while he protests vociferously (crying, trying to roll off the potty) but when he leans forward in his efforts to outwit us and he pees. When he gets up, he's fine but... mom guilt brain here... I'm afraid I'm terrorizing him and causing more problems. To be fair, I haven't always been the most calm and composed but I've been really trying and my husband is perfect in this respect...

After reading a million entries here, I've gathered that we've run into the toddler beast power struggle but.. how can I reverse it? Also, his crying every time he's on the potty I'm not traumatizing him, right? I know you're going to say stick with it, and I am but in about 8 days he's going back to daycare (toddler spring break... weeeee

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