"Give your children regular doses of Vitamin "N," as in "No." "

ADHD or not.


My son has a major focus issue, and has always been hyper, unable to pay attention or remember several instructions at a time. Some days are better than others. We have eliminated all artificial colors/flavors from his diet. He rarely watches TV or plays video games. He is on the ticket system, which works great with defiance and intentional misbehavior, but I'm not sure how to apply it to his focus. It seems he has no control over how well he recalls instructions. He would easily lose all his tickets before breakfast if I applied the system. I am seeing it affect his ability to learn in Kindergarten and stay on task. No one is suggesting we medicate him, but I can tell that might happen as we progress in school. What alternative ways can we help him in this area? He is almost 6, but a lot of the times our 3 year old is able to focus more than he is. He interrupts, forgets instructions, is easily distracted, hyperactive, easily over stimulated and goofs off when bored. Yes, typical boy behavior, but it is constantly like this. There is no "down" time, he is going a million miles a minute without thinking about what he is or isn't doing. How can I help him retain instructions better and avoid the dreaded ADHD conversation with his future teachers?


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