2 yo early bird


HI there,
I have just put my 27 month old in a bed as he has been climbing out of the cot. However, he gets into his sister's bed at night or plays (not in his bed). Lots of talk and giggling and sometimes quite loudly. He also comes out in the mornings with her, before the designated wake up time.
I have flipped the door knob but I can't lock the door when the sister is inside with him as she may need to access the toilet overnight.
Q1: Do I ignore the playtime at night? Should I be concerned over the volume of voices? They aren't coming out after bedtime.
Q2: What do I do about the morning wakeup time? I am uncomfortable letting the 2 yo wander around outside without supervision. Both of them can get up to all sorts of mischief too.
Any ideas would be very much welcomed!

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