15 Year Old Has Sex While Mom's at Home


We have just found out that our 15 year old daughter had unprotected sex in our own home ; middle of the day while I ( the mom) was in the house , her grandmother & younger brother . We found this out because of past experimentation with drugs ( pot, one time possession of) & other behavior that was reckless, made my husband & I to decide to have a tracking device on her phone so we can monitor her communication with others. We were finally on a "good streak" & she had asked a boy over (with my approval) to just " hang out". We have been encouraging her to meet new friends & didn't see anything wrong with this. It was the next day, as I found out from her texts that they had unprotected sex. My husband & I are at a complete loss on what to do next ... We have her phone and just too numb to make other decisions. Your opinion?? Please help !

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