Teen Sneaking Out


Our 16-year-old daughter (my stepdaughter) keeps sneaking around to see her 17-year-old boyfriend. We approved of this relationship until we learned that she was skipping school, forging tardy permission notes (for which she was suspended from school), sneaking out at night, etc., and that they are having sex. She has lost all privileges (no car, no friends, no phone), going on two months now, but continues to sneak visits with him at every opportunity. She has lost all interest in her varsity soccer team, academics, her dream of playing soccer in college, etc., and ran away for just over 24 hours last week, where we had to file a missing persons report with the police. (Her boyfriend knew where she was but lied about it). She throws a tantrum every time we try to discuss it, saying "she will not give him up". We were ready to allow supervised visits, after tearful and seemingly sincere apologies from her, and then she was caught sneaking him to our house while I was running errands and my husband picked another of our children up at camp--a 20 minute window of time. We honestly don't know how to proceed from here. We can't hold her prisoner, and our consequences have not been effective thus far. Your advice?

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