Good Kids Make Mistakes, Too


Hi! We have a 17 1/2 year old daughter who is finishing her junior year of high school. She is a good kid, makes excellent grades, hold a job, has never had an incident with drugs/alcohol or breaking her curfew, etc. Here is my question: we have her on our cell phone locator. She was not thrilled about this but we explained that since she is driving we need to be able to see where she is if she is late coming home or we cannot reach her. I really have not used it much, but yesterday I had a weird feeling when she asked to stay out later (she was supposed to be studying over at a friend's house we know) so I checked and saw that she was over a boys house she has been spending a lot of time with lately (we have not met him yet.) I am not sure to handle this. When I was young, parents had no clue if we stayed where we said we were going, as long as we were home by curfew! (I was a good kid too and stayed where I said I would be the vast majority of the time.) I realize she will be a senior next year and off to college soon. Do I call her out on this? Punish her? Continue to monitor her whereabouts in the future?

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