Irresponsibility in teen's job


Our older teen was released from the family business when she continually did not show up on time. After running through her personal bank account and getting no additional funds from us, the entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and she has been successful in creating her own little niche business, taking orders from peers and some adult family friends. Problem is she is great at the front end fun creative part, but procrastinates terribly at ever getting the product to them. She will lie around the house, talking to friends, watching TV and otherwise shirking her responsibilities to her clients. I realize some would advice to let the chips fall where they may but because these are family friends, the clients are being incredibly lenient until an absolute deadline approaches and she scrambles to get it done at the last minute. We really don't think she is going to learn from this as the last minute rush doesn't seem to bother her and the friends are too kind to voice the inconvenience to them. She was out of town for the long weekend and had a client who needed the product to meet a deadline and as it was a family friend, we fulfilled the order without her or they would have missed a critical deadline. Other professionals have advised us we need to teach her good business practices and instill that in her and if she continues to fly by the seat of her pants, we should restrict her use of company equipment to run her side business. What are your thoughts?

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