Step Daughter Being Irresponsible


My step-daughter decided she didn't want to live in our house with our rules 9 months ago and chose to stay with her mom full time. (See previous questions for any background.) She feels she is owed an apology from my husband for having rules (her mother supports this notion and says it isn't her business to get involved otherwise). Short of that, nothing we can do will get her to come around. That's fine - it's a shame, but it is what it is. Her half-siblings miss her, but we'd rather not have a disobedient/disrespectful child at home if that's the case. Now we're getting asked to put her on our automobile insurance and pay for half of a car. We are not inclined to assist in any way. She isn't in sports, has no outside activities, doesn't have a job, is failing some classes and is a discipline issue for her mother with regards to her cell phone abuse. We're being called "vengeful". A car seems like an extraordinary privilege - one that she hasn't earned, whether it is at our house or her mother's. Please tell me we aren't nuts.

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