2 yo Doesn't Want Daddy


My soon-to-be-ex-husband (who has narcissistic and borderline traits) and I share a 3-2-2-3 (50%) custody relationship of our 2.25 year old daughter. We have been separated since she was 10 months old, and have had the custody arrangement since she was 11 months old. When I pick her up from him, she comes easily. When he picks her up she needs lots of reassurance. If I take her to his car, she resists getting in his car, flails, cries, reaches for me. I tell her in advance in a bright voice "Daddy is coming today!" and she is fine, until it is time to go. Today, I finally had to give her lots of kisses smiles, I love you's etc and let him take over trying to get her to sit in the car seat. I don't cry or add drama to the situation. I try to present a "This is what you are doing now" attitude. As I left she was crying, yelling for me, and resisting her dad's attempts to get her into her car seat. He yelled after me, "This wouldn't happen if you weren't nursing her!" I am working on weaning her, and it is proving difficult. Is he right? What can I do to help her with the transition to him?

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