"I Hate Camp!"


My 13 year old son has been informing me that he will not attend a camp I signed him up to attend this coming week. This camp has wonderful reviews, he is rooming with one of his close friends and his younger brother is going as well.
His mother (we are divorced and both remarried) has strongly discouraged him from attending camp and spoken negative words and expressed her views on my son missing four days of football conditioning that is not mandatory. Her disapproving opinion is echoed to my three boys regarding most of what my wife and I stand for.
My son has said things such as "good luck getting me there" "I'm not going" etc... He has had a great summer, I have chosen my battles with him and this is one where I believe this camp will be fun experience.
I am concerned he will run off as to avoid camp, say that he is sick, or physically make himself stationary and not leave the house. It's very possible his mom is coaching him on how to get out of going.
His 15 year old brother and 9 nine old brother will not be helpful and my other son does not care for my wife. He does love and respect my parents who are in their 80's. I feel I have covered all the bases for this camp. Most kids would love to be able to attend this camp but financially cannot.
My question is how do I approach this situation if he reverts to those tactics in avoiding camp?
Thank you

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