The Terrible Twos Arrive!!


Hi! I have an almost two year old boy. For the past couple of months, he has started to really test if I mean what I say. I have a no tolerance policy for his fighting with his brother (pulling hair, hitting, etc). Until recently, it has worked to spank him on the bottom, and he has reacted emotionally, but over the past two weeks or so, he has seemingly stopped caring about spankings as much as he did before. My question is, is it time to cut his door and turn his lock around? How long is appropriate for a "time out" for a two year old (his birthday is in July)? Do you have any other creative discipline methods to address behaviors? Other behaviors that we're struggling with lately is his not caring when we tell him "no" and doing things anyway, and his throwing things when he's angry. Any ideas to address these behaviors?

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