Travelling while potty training


Thing with potty training are going better. I've calmed down and just started going with the flow and we are seeing some results. He has been nearly accident free for a little over a day and a half now. He his only accident has been a bowel movement in his pants. He has been resisting making a BM on the toilet, which I'm guessing is a result of my pervious anxiety. I've been making a conscious effort to be very calm about his BMs in hopes that he comes around.

That said, we are traveling by plane this Thanksgiving to stay with family. I know we are far from being out of the woods with accidents, but he does well when I take him out and feel he can make the trip. My husband is freaking out that I don't plan to put a diaper on him for the flight. He is afraid of getting peed on mid-flight. (I don't blame him). I would probably never hear the end of it if that happened. Would it be a big set back to put a pull-up on him, or perhaps over his underwear for the flights.?

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