Please Sleep!


My 29 month old daughter wakes up consistently throughout the night. (Anywhere from 1-5x/night). We got rid of her pacifier recently (she would wake up, not find it and cry, yell or come into our room). That didn't help. We have a sound machine on at a low volume (helped our older son with night terrors, which I don't think this is), but that doesn't seem to help.

I have tried letting her cry/scream it out, but she'll just go on and on (last time it was an hour and I gave in and went in there to just cover her up, calm her down and then I left). She just wants to be covered back up (have tried showing her how to cover up with the blanket, find her blankie) or just wants a quick rub on her back. I don't engage in conversation, I just cover her up or take her back to bed and tell her it's night time and leave it at that. Unfortunately, when my husband goes into the room, she freaks out screaming and yelling for me. If we close the door, she will lay by the door yelling and screaming for us (mostly me). I can't sleep when this is going on, so I eventually go in, lay her down and leave the room again.

Beyond just waiting this out, I wanted to ask if there's anything else you'd recommend that we can be doing... Thanks in advance.

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