19 year old With Tattoos


Our 19 year old daughter has now gotten her third tattoo, we made it very clear how we felt about them. I wished my husband and I could have been on the same page in regards to laying down the law about them but all he was willing to say was " you may not do it with our money". She has paid for them on her own. I think it is so trashy & low class looking that it really hurts that she is so set on doing something she knows we feel so strongly against. I feel like she is showing her disapproval of our wishes by going against them... what do you think? At this point it has become much more than " oh now I see, so I can go get laser treatments to have it taken off", now that shes on her third one...

I am so unhappy that she has marked up her beautiful body, although I fully realize it is her body & her choice....

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