2 year old having good success with potty training


Hi John! I'm a big fan of yours. Just started potty training my 2 year old. After reading your suggestions and advice, I realized I was stressing out my child, and I was the reason for his tantrums every time I would try to get him to sit on his potty chair. So I am now doing the "potty bell". Wow, what a difference in his attitude! As soon as he hears it go off he grabs a book and runs to the bathroom. My question is, what do you do when a child holds his pee for hours, literally? Today he has held for 5 hours, so far. He runs for the bathroom when he hears the timer go off, but then just sits there flipping through his book. He won't go! I don't know how he holds it for so long! Do I just go with it and figure he will eventually go, or have an accident on the floor? It just makes me cringe because he pinches himself and says ow, but continues to hold it. What would you suggest?

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