Hide and seek marriage.


I am married but in a lot of ways feel like a single mother. Our 2 kids are quite busy toddlers. My husband often works late (not because he has to but because he wants to) and when he is home he often hides in our room to mess on his phone. He’s a very selfish man. He knows that he needs to help out with the kids and is trying to do some but he says he doesn’t know how to connect with them. I think it’s because he doesn’t spend enough time to learn how to play with them and connect. He helps some with the disciplining but I’m the main one trying to train our children to become good citizens and follow God. I am also the spiritual leader in the home - encouraging us to go to church, doing what is necessary to get us to church, working with the kids on scripture memory, and having family devotions. The kids dearly love him but he can’t handle their noise or energy level. How do I encourage him to become a loving father and a spiritual leader?

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