Church Service Woes


Our family attends church services several times a week. We are trying to work with our children (girl, 2 years old and boy, 1 year old) to be quiet in church and are trying to train our daughter to sit on the pew by herself. They both are very talkative and active. They are allowed to have quiet toys and sometimes snacks but even with these they can be quiet noisy. Our girl is day potty trained (still use diapers for naps and at night) and she sometimes announces to the church “go poops!” or “need go potty!” when she needs to be taken to the bathroom. This is a bit embarrassing but I know others in the church have had little kids so they understand. We try to take her to the bathroom before church but sometimes she still goes during service which is annoying. Sometimes I think she is using it as an excuse to get up and go somewhere else but I don’t want to risk having an accident happen on the church seat. How do we train them to sit still and be quiet and listen to the preacher?

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