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My daughter has been having a poor attitude towards many things we tell her or correct her about. I sometimes teach the children with stories, and share articles on what I have read to impart my values. She usually has a negative attitude towards this or makes fun of it. She won’t engage us on why though. I find her quite unteachable. Also, Whenever she is corrected, she responds with a poor attitude. Corrections can include being asked to ‘re-do’ some of her chores, to re-practise a piano phrase, or to respond respectfully to her brother and stop ignoring his questions, or just about any correction you can think of. She usually responds by either 1. Not doing it properly again and feigning ignorance 2. Sulking and arguing and then doing it again very badly on purpose 3. Making fun of it and doing it funnily but not properly on purpose. Any advice?
All these responses have one thing is common - she is refusing to be corrected about anything at all, nor accept any teachings.

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