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I have custody of a seven-year-old. Every time he is introduced to a new kid and he plays with them, he emulates their bad behavior.. as an example, all of a sudden his behavior was that of a baby. He would drop his head and whine, speaking so softly you couldn’t understand him. He would cry, drooling on the floor. I had no idea why he was acting that way until I witnessed how his friend interacted with his mother in the same exact way. I tried everything to get him to change the behavior until I finally told him that if he kept it up, I was going to start treating him like a baby, starting with mealtime. I told him he would no longer be eating the same food as me and my husband, but would eat baby food. He e straightforward up from that and now he’s been playing with family members and acting exactly the same as they do. He’s becoming disrespectful and doing things he deems “cute”, but I don’t see it that way. Any suggestions as to what I should do. He doesn’t respond very well to the ticket system. I kicked him out of the garden and it took him months and months to earn back privileges and now this.

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