My 2.5 year old fights us over naps every weekend. She’s in daycare Monday through Friday and takes a nap every day. But on Saturdays and Sundays, she screams and screams, “NO NAP!!! Nooooooo!!!!” If she doesn’t take a nap, she gets fussy around dinner time and then crashes to bed by 7pm, sometimes earlier.

Is there anything we can do to help her take a nap? I’ve tried reading a story before nap time, I’ve tried telling her everyone naps right now, I’ve tried giving her her favorite stuffed animal, I’ve tried rubbing/patting her back, singing a calm, quiet song, but it all seems to be in vain. In any event, she usually just ends up pulling all the clothes out of her dresser during nap time and playing dress up after she’s done screaming for a few minutes. (Her dresser has safety locks but she can pull them open a couple inches and pull clothes out).

She’s not developmentally ready to drop her nap, but we’d like some sanity back and, if possible, we’d like her to actually take a nap.

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