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Our son is 5 1/2 years old. We signed him up for a private Christian school for kindergarten next year. They had room in their Pre-K, so we got him in to complete the year.

Since he's been their, about a month, he's developed he habits of not paying attention, and hitting. The school, who's naturally concerned, thinks he might be on the autism spectrum. We did have him tested, at my wife's request, when he was 3 1/2, and he was found not to be on the spectrum. I believe it's because, outside of about 3 months last year of YMCA preschool, he's only been around adults.

He behaves when I'm around, even at a birthday party last weekend. He's also good around my sisters. We are old fashioned in our approach. My wife is a bit more forgiving. If I'm disciplining him, she'll often tries to protect or comfort him. She also allows way too much screen time, TV and even bought him a video game.

I work nights, so I cannot be around to monitor him all the time. Yes, we've fought a lot about this. I've tried not to make too much of a big deal about this, as I'm trying to find the balance between doing what is best for our son, and maintaining our marriage. It seems obvious to me that I need to work more on that, and I'm trying. The last year has not helped.

My question is: even if the school finds him on the spectrum, if they have techniques to help his behavior, and my wife is willing to go along with it, do I just accept that, as long as his behavior gets under control?

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