Parents enjoying dinner while teaching manners


I homeschool my two daughters (9 and 11) all day while my husband is at work, so I look at supper as a time for the girls and I to connect with him. An ideal supper to me would consist of us conversing and observing basic table manners while enjoying our meal. However, our typical supper consists of my husband scolding our 9-year-old for things like taking too big of bites, nibbling her food, having her elbows on the table, having her elbows almost on the table, having her elbows stick too far out from her sides, holding her cup close to its base rather in the middle when drinking, etc. I’ve had her focus on three manners to follow before (also to help my husband to keep his complaints narrowed down). While she does great, my husband falls back into micromanaging within a week or so. I would like to know if I am in error or if my husband is indeed micromanaging. I would also like to know how to resolve this problem.

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