5 yo boy who has life isn't fair attitude


Our third child just turned 5 years old. He has a victim mentality and we would like advice on helping him out of this mind set. He is the only one of our children who regularly says "that's not fair" and constantly thinks he gets the short end of the stick. He goes to part time pre-k and has great behavior and friends. He gets along with the other kids and is always happy when we pick him up, but then adds in things like "Joe has another friend and doesn't want to play with me anymore" or "Joe played with someone else today." We don't give these kinds of statements a lot of attention, nor do we treat him any differently than his siblings. We send all kids to timeout when fights occur that are unwitnessed as well. Is there anything else you could recommend to help him take control of his situation instead of always feeling that life is unfair to him? Thank you

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